Feb 24, 2019

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WELCOME HOLY SPIRIT sermon for 2/24

Christianity is more than just a philosophy— it’s a way of life. We can’t confess our faith in worship service and then just set it aside when we leave the building. Our FAITH goes with us. It fills our thoughts and actions every day of the week. This is a high standard to follow, but we aren’t alone. Jesus “lives ” in us because the SPIRIT he gave us lives in us! “Through the SPIRIT”S power we are able to confidently show our faith through our actions. I personally invite you and your families to come and join us at Journey Covenant Church tomorrow morning come find out what the key is to a healthy, growing, vibrant church .  Service begins at 10;15am each Sunday.
Location: 2679 Northhaven Blvd Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223
All are welcome
In His Grip,
Pastor Jeanette

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